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Redknee is a real estate transaction information channel that provides customer service value chains and sales solutions and specializes in short- and long-term rental apartment management.

Along with a team of professional, dedicated, experienced staff in consulting on purchase and sale, garden land management, serviced apartment rental of redknee to a new level.

All the solutions that redknee offers are analyzed in depth, service oriented and solve problems in a way that quickly and satisfies customers’ needs.

Providing real estate products that also gives customers the peace of mind, trust and pride in redknee real estate consulting with the most accurate information.

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About Us


4 April, 2021

Khang Thinh Golden project

Long Khanh City is the destination of investors, the Khang Thinh Golden project, the rising price of land plots is suitable for short-term and long-term investors. The existing land price in Long Khanh city is still quite low for investment, only half, even 1/3 of the price neighboring cities such as Bien Hoa, Ba Ria, […]

1 tỷ/ Nền

4 April, 2021

Lease Of Land Industrial Park Long Khanh City

Overview of sale and lease of land Industrial Park Long Khanh City After a long time being affected by the long-term covid 19 epidemic, the market for buying, selling and renting real estate in Long Khanh industrial park is gradually getting hotter and more vibrant. Thanks to the synchronous investment of infrastructure and a series […]

500 trăm/m2

1 April, 2021

Price list of Dau Giay industrial park

Dau Giay Industrial Park is now considered a very potential area. It is attracting a lot of businesses interested to invest in development. However, deciding to invest in this area is still a complicated choice. So it requires careful consideration because many businesses only know this guy has a lot of potential. But do not […]

500 trăm/m2

29 March, 2021

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7 tỷ/căn
67.5 m2

29 March, 2021

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820 triệu
34 m2

29 March, 2021

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667.3 m2


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