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Địa chỉ: Khu Công Nghiệp LONG KHÁNH, Quốc lộ 1A, Suối Tre, Long Khánh, Đồng Nai, Việt Nam

Overview of sale and lease of land Industrial Park Long Khanh City

After a long time being affected by the long-term covid 19 epidemic, the market for buying, selling and renting real estate in Long Khanh industrial park is gradually getting hotter and more vibrant. Thanks to the synchronous investment of infrastructure and a series of key projects such as Long Thanh airport, Cat Lai bridge …, Long Khanh has made clear changes and almost completely transformed.

Not stopping there since the middle of 2019 when Long Khanh Town officially moved to Long Khanh City, Dong Nai province, the real estate fevers began to fluctuate more violently. The price of real estate here has increased rapidly by 2, 3 times compared to the beginning of the year. So how is the general situation of buying, selling and renting real estate in Long Khanh Industrial Park changing? Please join us to read this article below.

Overview of the housing market in Long Khanh, Dong Nai

You must have clearly seen the transformation of the Long Khanh real estate market from the first half of 2019 to the present time becoming more vibrant and almost completely transformed. Since Long Thanh Town officially decided to go to Long Khanh City, Dong Nai Province, this is also the time when the real estate here has revived and turned back to life. Not only that, the real estate here also grows stronger than ever to put on a new and more colorful shirt.

Besides the administrative transformation, the infrastructure is also one of the comprehensive highlights to bring the real estate landscape of Long Khanh to a new page. A series of major infrastructure projects being planned and built such as Long Thanh airport, Cat Lai bridge … have made land prices here jump extremely fast.

Compared to the beginning of 2019 so far, the selling and renting price of houses in industrial zones in Long Khanh has increased 2 or 3 times but still crowded with buyers and sellers. It is expected that housing prices here will increase very quickly in the near future. Long Khanh is now considered a golden land for worthy investors.

The market for sale and lease of land in Long Khanh Industrial Park is very hot because where?


Long Khanh is currently a city directly under the province. This is considered as one of the key economic regions in the East of Dong Nai. Recently, not only land land, agricultural land … in Long Khanh has attracted the attention of customers, but the market for buying, selling and renting land in Long Khanh Industrial Park is equally singing. So where is the cause? Please find out with us.

Long Khanh holds a prime location

It can be said that the prime location is the first factor that elevates Long Khanh to a new level. This place brings all the elements of golden location for economic development as well as perfect transport infrastructure. As follows:

Firstly, the current urbanization structure of Long Khanh city mainly follows the two sides of the national highway in two directions: West – North, East – North. In addition, the current North – South expressway has been adjusted south to increase the linkage with the Phan Thiet – Dau Giay expressway.

Long Khanh Industrial Park plays a major role in the development of the city

Long Khanh has been exploiting to the utmost the role of a trade gateway linking the region with 3 main gateways: Xuan Lap gateway, Hang Saigon gateway and Bau Sen gateway. Thanks to this smart planning, in the near future Long Khanh will become a green oasis with four comprehensive development areas: agriculture, industry, tourism and education.

Long Khanh flourishes thanks to the comprehensive development of the Industrial Park

Another factor that stimulates the rapid growth of Long Khanh real estate is that it has done too well the role of industrial parks. Not surprisingly, Long Khanh holds the role of a key economic zone in the South of our country. Because this place has been formed, planning and expanding large industrial zones as follows:

Long Khanh Industrial Park with an area of ​​264 ha.
Suoi Tre industrial park has an area of ​​150 hectares.

With the presence and development of these two large industrial zones, they have attracted 4 foreign investment projects, many state-owned enterprises and 100 non-state enterprises.

Long Khanh Industrial Park Not stopping there, according to accurate information from the Department of Planning and Investment, Long Khanh will continue to develop 8 new industrial parks with an area of ​​up to 5000 hectares. In which, Hang Gon industrial zone was added and planned right in the period of 2021 – 2030 with a scale of up to 300 hectares. The project is located adjacent to the highway Dau Sec – Phan Thiet, when put into operation, the project promises to bring many positive changes to the economy and society of Long Khanh.

It can be said that the planning of development and expansion of the scale of these industrial zones has prompted the process of buying, selling and leasing industrial land in particular and Long Khanh land in general.

Completed extremely modern infrastructure
Long Khanh industrial park subdivision map

In Long Khanh Industrial Park, in addition to perfect natural conditions, the system

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